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Rules of the roleplay Empty Rules of the roleplay

Post by Laura Hollis on Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:32 pm

There are a couple rules that need to be followed in this roleplay:

1) Activity: We want to keep the roleplay flowing, so please try to be active! If you're gone for more than 7 days without notice, you'll be suspended. (If you have a reason, just email it to me at ^_^) If you've been suspended and want to come back, I'll bring you back, but if you've been suspended twice for any reason you wont be allowed back in.
2) Inclusiveness!: We don't want anyone feeling left out, so please try to make sure everyone feels involved in whatever's going on in the plot Smile
3) Post length: Please make your posts at least 4 lines long. Paragraphs are preferred, since more writing usually makes it easier for people to reply to (Or, at least, I've found that to be the case!)
4) Post content: I don't want to see any racism/homophobia/religion-bashing/misgendering etc. either in the roleplay or in OOC. We should work to make this roleplay a friendly and safe place for everyone and show each other some respect. Also, this roleplay will be rated PG 13. I know, "PG 13, how incredibly dull", but some people might not be comfortable with smut, so take that stuff to PMs! On top of this, no god-modding. No one is indestructible, so don't make your character as such.
5) Major events: Any deaths, serious injuries, major events/plot twists ect. Should be discussed in OOC first and Ok'ed by admin. This is just to make sure everyone's happy with what's going to happen.
6) OOC: I've pretty much said this already but, to summarise, let's keep the OOCs a friendly place, ok? No drama or arguments.

If you see any issues, send me a message and I'll deal with it accordingly, but hopefully everything will run smoothly Smile

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important rule!


~ From Bex (Admin) ~
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